Team impulse for companies

Support and challenge your team in a very special environment - with experience-oriented training.
Use our team impulse program to bring some food for thought into your everyday life. The various tasks and challenges of the team course can only be solved together. Even if the focus of the activities is on fun, the teams usually show typical action and solution patterns. In the evaluations, we look closely at the solution patterns and the crucial success factors of good collaboration.

Experienced process trainers ensure a good learning atmosphere and targeted evaluation.


  • how does our team work?
  • Where are we strong?
  • What can we optimize?

what to expect

  • Program duration: approx. 6-7 hours
  • from 6 people
  • interesting tasks that can be solved through teamwork


  • You will receive a non-binding offer

Example process

(Start time freely selectable)

10:00 a.m Welcome on the Climbing Park and program presentation
10:20 a.m Start in the team course - with reflection phases and theoretical input
01:00 p.m e.g. lunch break in the beer garden
02:00 p.m Equipment for participants / safety briefing
02:20 p.m The teams go to the climbing forest to climb the treetops - there are various alternative programs to choose from for participants who are less suitable for heights
05:00 p.m Evening program e.g. in the beer garden “Bölle”


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