Kids & Teens

Jungle-Courses: Starting with the age of 4, children can climb in these exciting courses. They are on a level of 1,50m - 1,80m only. The supervision of adults is required as follows:
Children from 4 till 5 years: 1 adult takes respectively care of 3 children.
Children from 6 years on: 1 adult takes respectively care of 8 children.

High Courses: Our new security system enables climbing for children with the age of 6. It is possible that the children climb on their own if they reach the height of 1,65m with their arms. Smaller children have to climb together with adults. In this connection, it is possible that 1 adult accompanies the maximum of 2 children.

Underaged Persons have to present the written letter of agreement of their legal guardians (for the Children-Jungle-Course, as well as the High Courses). We would like to ask you to use only the following form: (DOWNLOAD HERE).